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Sao Paulo – 6 Matches to go

With 6 matches left while we are not in a bad position I cannot state that we are in a good one either. The next 2 days we will start the day by playing USA 1 and USA 2. I am still confident that we can do it!

Here is a hand from the first match against Australia: Joey, JC, Arno and Marty were in. Sitting west Joey picked up

West(Joey) East(JC)
AK98652 QJ7
A Q10964
QJ74 K63
9 A3



After 1 by JC, 1 by Joey, 1NT (JC) Joey found out that his partner has 3 spades and one A and drove to slam. This was worth 11IMPs since at the other table the Australians stopped in game.

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A Vancouver CanuckSeptember 5th, 2009 at 4:33 am

GO Canada GO

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