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Sao Paulo -Passing the half mark

First match of the day was against a good team from Poland. Except for the first day of the round robin so far we haven’t done well in the first match. We started with Arno, Marty, Boris and Michael. As always (at least for now) I was sitting behind north to do the entries in the Bridgemate. The first board Boris had a tough decision: you hold Q75, KQ8, Q632, A73. As north and dealer you open 1   and partner responds 1 , 1NT by you and 2 * (2 way new minor, GF) by partner.from there on:


West North East South
  2   2
  2NT   4NT




I was thinking about The Clash old hit: “Should I Stay or Should I Go” – “If I go it will be trouble if I stay it will be double”. In any case Boris did go to 6NT. Here are the hands:


Dealer: N

Vul: none

West East
984 J102
96 7543
KJ95 108
J985 Q642

10 was lead and as you can see you need a few good things to happen. For starters K must be before the Q to have a chance (you are not going to guess a doubleton K offside). So Boris who won the first trick with the K played a low towards the Q. West went up with the K and returned a heart. Now you try the diamonds and if they don’t split you have a double squeeze on the run of the hearts. 6NT bid and made was a push board. We lost the match 18-12, however we got 23 against Pakistan and only 16 against Uruguay. We currently seat in the 9th place 2 points out.

More later on in the week.

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Janice AndersonSeptember 3rd, 2009 at 6:16 am


Greatly appreciate your interesting blogs. Tell the team we are all rooting for them back here in Canada.

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